Who we are

Rising Sun Electrical is a new venture purely focused on customer needs and satisfaction to earn a reputation of the most well equipped store for all Electrical items at competitive pricing with the added benefit of good customer relationships.
We strive to provide the latest technology and luxury brands at affordable prices to all our customers. Our core competency is our client’s satisfaction. We are focusing to build a trust with our everyday consumer which helps us to gain regular business.

Rising Sun Electrical is a one-stop-shop for all electrical needs, including –solenoid valves, shim ,mesh & strainers ,electrical transformers & Ballasts , Lighting Fixtures, Electrical cables, Power cables, Lambs Bulbs, power control pole lights & filling, Thermostats, Mechanical seals & related parts, Electrical Accessories, conduct and Adapters and much more.

We believe that the way to promote our business is through the development of good working relationships with our clients. To this end, we aim to provide high quality products in an efficient, friendly manner, on time and to budget. We endeavor to earn the trust and confidence of those for whom we work. Our objective is to provide, within the cost plan, a service of such high quality that continuing business is encouraged.

Products Delivered
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